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Digestion Starts in the North
and Moves to the South

We have to eat. That’s the way we get energy and nutrients. It’s like putting fuel in our cars. But what happens when we eat and it makes up feel uncomfortable or even creates pain and disease in us?

For digestion to occur properly, we need to have enough Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in our stomachs. Sometimes TV makes us think that the GERD or Acid Reflux we have is a result of too much acid and we need something to suppress our acid. That is rarely the case. Most people don’t have enough acid and the acid we experience is really just rotting food coming back up.

This lack of stomach acid will also contribute to Bloating, Gas and Pain because we aren’t breaking our food down in small enough particles, which is the job of the Hydrochloric Acid. Some reasons for low HCL are stress, age and poor diet.


If you don’t break your food down, you don’t get the nutrients out of it and you end up with deficiencies. Deficiencies mean your body doesn’t have the fuel to help it run properly or repair/build itself back up.

So you end up fat, tired, with hormonal problems, maybe depressed, inflamed and diseased. Oh – and yeah – more digestive problems! How?

Well, not having enough HCL means that certain other digestive processes don’t get triggered and you end up with Vitamin A, D, E and K deficiencies, not to mention Gall Bladder issues such as Greasy Food Intolerances, Pain Between Shoulder Blades, Burping/Belching and uncomfortable Fullness when you haven’t even eaten that much.

More Ways to Get Fat

The next digestive problem that we come up against is Cravings for Sugar and Carbohydrates, which will lead to Weight Gain, Fatigue, Irritability, Blood Sugar problems, Hormonal Problems and eventually Diabetes. Your poor Pancreas gets called on over and over again to pump out the Insulin (as well as digestive enzymes) when you eat the sugar and carbs until it just gets so tired it ups and quits – also known as diabetes. Then all that high blood sugar we are left with wrecks havoc on our body in the form of inflammation – cardiovascular, kidney, joints, etc.

Now, all these cravings that tempt us to eat sugar and carbohydrates do more than just ruin our energy and waist line, they also cause us to have High Cholesterol and Triglycerides because our poor Fatty Liver converts the Sugar and Carbs to cholesterol and triglycerides.

Our Southern Hemisphere

Moving along the Digestive Tract to the Gut, or “Southern Part” is where we find 75% of our immune system. Frequent illness that leads to antibiotic use, which then leads to a more illness due to the bad bacteria growing out of control, destroys the gut even further. Combine that with low HCL in the North, Sugar, Stress, GMOs, Gluten, Medication, Pesticides, Plastics and Metals and you have quite the Leaky Gut!

In our Gut, or our second brain, we can experience extreme discomfort from Leaky Gut, Food Intolerances, Small Bacterial Overgrowth, Parasites and Candida in our lower intestines, which can cause at the least Hormonal Issues, Weight Gain, Gas, Boating, Constipation, IBS, Acne, and at the most Auto Immune, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Anxiety/Depression and ADD/ADHD.

It isn’t necessary to suffer from any of the above symptoms. They can all be addressed with a proper assessment of what your body really needs to repair itself.

After a thorough interview and analysis, we can recommend a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program that includes diet, lifestyle adjustments and supplements, specifically tailored to you, to help you address your health concerns and goals.

See below for information on our Complimentary Health Analysis…

welcome to Curtis Nutrition for resolving digestion trouble naturally

Kay Curtis is a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant and founder of Curtis Nutrition in Los Angeles, California. Curtis Nutrition is a personalized, boutique nutritional consulting practice specializing in Digestion and Blood Sugar and the health issues that arise when these systems are not functioning properly, such as: inflammation, weight gain, poor energy, hormonal imbalance, poor mental outlook/anxiety and compromised immune system.

At Curtis Nutrition, Kay practices personalized nutritional therapy, which helps facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health and minimizes the risk of harm.

She teaches you how to eat for your heath and lifestyle and puts you on the correct supplement program to help you address your health issues.

Curtis Nutrition is located in the Burbank/Toluca Lake area of the San Fernando Valley. If you live outside of Los Angeles, Kay Curtis is equipped to provide health analyses and consulting via e-mail, phone and skype.

Take the first step to restoring optimum health by selecting one of the options below:

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“Given proper nutrition, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself.”
— Dr. Royal Lee, founder Standard Process

“During my first visit with her, she gave me a comprehensive evaluation. During the second visit, she set me on an individualized dietary plan, along with a regimen of whole food-based supplements...Good health begins with good nutrition and Kay’s guidance definitely helped get me back on track.” — M.S., 35

“Kay changed my life! Truly. Before seeing Kay I could hardly get out of bed many days because of fatigue and pain. Kay has helped me treat my conditions more than any MD ever has. I will forever be indebted to her.” — K.A.

“Feeling really good, not having sugar cravings, energy levels are even throughout the day and a pair of jeans that hasn’t fit in a long time fits! Progress!” — C.M., 46

“How do you thank somebody for starting your digestive system after 30 years?????” — M.W.

“I have better energy, less sugar cravings and I lost a dress size!” — A.K., 51

“I have Celiac and IBS. My digestive system is a mess and I decided it was time to find alternative help since western doctors were not helping, nor did they have time to investigate what the root of the problem was. Kay is knowledgeable and most importantly very serious about helping her patients. I saw her twice and was impressed with her immediately.” — M.E., 45

“I have lost 30 lbs to date and overall, feel like a new person with a better immune system, digestive system and with more energy!" — A.P., 32

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are headed.”
— Lao Tzu

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