I actually love this time of year, but apparently, a lot of people don’t due to the amount of financial and other stress it puts us under. As reported in the New York Daily News, about 45 percent of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas altogether this December, according to a recent survey conducted by Think Finance, a loan provider. I will agree that the money going out the door this time of year can be stressful, and while I might not have any solutions on how to combat lack of money, I have plenty of solutions on how to combat the stress this time of year puts on our bodies and how to heal adrenal fatigue.

In addition to all the money stress, there‚Äôs also traffic, long lines, decorating nightmares, debt and family some of you don’t like. (I’m lucky – I like my family – both sides) So how do we keep the stress from making us sick, crazy and depressed? We support our Adrenals! They are our stress glands and if we don’t help them out, they don’t help us out.

As a matter of fact, if we let them down, they let us and the rest of our body down by leading to…
fatigue and exhaustion
weight gain
accelerated aging
high blood pressure and cholesterol
poor digestion
aches, pains, arthritis, tendinitis, lower back going out
swollen ankles/fluid retention
sugar and/
or salt cravings
weakened immune response
heartburn/acid reflux/ulcers
depression, anxiety/ mood swings
This is just a short list – I could on and on.

How do you make sure you support your adrenals and not let them and the rest of your body down? Well, first of all, you should stay away from sugar and carbohydrates. Next, you also need to get in some exercise and walking is one of the best types of exercise for stress. Next, you need to take supplements to give your adrenals the nutrients they need to repair and rebuild themselves. Some of my favorite supplements are:


Adrenal Complex

Rhodiola Ginseng

B-6 Niacinamide


So if you are stressed, tired, overweight, sick etc. you need to handle your adrenals. Call me and I can help you do it.

These recommendations are for the reduction of stress only. They are not intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, or as a substitute for regular medical care.