Makes 4 small servings


1/4 cup brewed coffee

1/4 cup half and half

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

3 1/2 ounces unsweetened chocolate (3 1/2 squares of Baker’s Chocolate)


3 Tablespoons erythritol + 2 teaspoons xylitol + 1/8 teaspoon pure stevia

2 eggs, preferably organic, room temperature

2 ounces of cream cheese**


Chop unsweetened chocolate very finely. Heat coffee and half and half in a glass cup in the microwave for about 50 seconds, or until it starts to bubble. Add heated coffee mixture, sweeteners, chopped chocolate, and vanilla to blender. Blend mixture for one minute or until chocolate is melted. Add eggs and cream cheese, and blend. Taste, and adjust sweetener if necessary. Pour from blender into serving glasses, and chill in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours to set the mousse. Serve mousse topped with sugar-free sweetened heavy cream, if desired. Garnish with grated 70% chocolate, a sprig of mint, or a few raspberries.

**If you’d like to make this recipe dairy-free and primal/paleolithic diet friendly, replace the half and half with coconut milk, and replace the cream cheese with 2 Tablespoons of coconut milk and 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil.

~5.65g net carbs, 234.5 calories made with erythritol, xylitol, and stevia

Slightly altered from Healthy Indulgences