Stealth Pathogens – Who knows what evil lurks in the body of man? Only your immune system knows for sure.

So what is a Stealth Pathogen? Any pathogenic micro-organism (bacteria, virus, fungus or parasite) employing strategies to persist in the body by hiding from, evading or misdirecting the immune system response, leading to chronic disease or lack of well being.

They don’t always show up in blood or fecal tests, thus Stealth.

These clever pathogens do various things to fool the immune system. Some tell the immune system to “move along, nothing to be found here”; some lack a cell wall which is confusing; some interfere with the part of the cell wall that tells the immune system the cell needs help, and still others mimic our own tissue so the immune system is tricked into thinking they are us.

Sometimes they exist in a physical state somewhere between bacteria and virus. Detection is therefore very difficult. In their stealth state, toxins are released slowly and consistently. The body’s immune system is worn down slowly as it tries to neutralize toxins constantly. Traditional allopathic antibiotics are usually ineffective.

Where could a stealth pathogen reside?

  • in your mouth
  • in your stomach
  • in your brain
  • in your blood
  • they hide in your immune cells
  • cling onto your lungs
  • swim in your bladder
  • and lurk among your gut flora

We are all exposed to these pathogens at some point, and those of us with a good immune system are successful fighting them. And if our immune system stays strong, the viruses and bacteria will be relatively unsuccessful at creating problems.

But what happens to someone with a weak immune system or someone under a large amount of physical, emotional or environmental stress? (That doesn’t sound familiar, or anything – right?)

I’ll tell you what happens: if you don’t end up with full-on Auto -Immune, Lyme disease, Hepatitis, or Pneumonia, etc. you might just end up with atherosclerosis, achy joints, gastric upset including leaky gut, poor attention span, insomnia, herpes 1&2 outbreaks, fibromyalgia symptoms, brain fog, eczema, dementia/Alzheimer’s, feeling like you have been hit by a truck or just never getting to the bottom of why you constantly feel bad and simply never heal.

Or maybe they make you fat. Yes, fat. The pathogens damage hormone receptors, especially the insulin receptors.  This leads to blood sugar issues and insulin resistance or pre-diabetes.

Also, you have a situation where your immune system gets worn down to the point where it’s possibly unable to fight off an actual detectable pathogen when you encounter it. Your liver and adrenals have enormous stress put on them with the slow release of toxins from the pathogens.

Prognosis Negative… or is it?

Strong antibiotics can bring relief of acute symptoms and reduce toxic load temporarily, but they actually don’t kill these things off and they will rear their ugly head, again at some point, or just subtly and constantly wear away at your body. Your only chance is to build your immune system.

The trick is building up the immune system and I don’t mean with Airbourne – something like that that is Not what builds up the immune system (especially not Airbourne!). This calls for real players, not chemical based, make-believe supplements that actually do more harm than good.Here are some supplements I use in my office that I have had great success with. Some are used in a Bio Burden Protocol and some are used in a Purge Parasite Protocol. They’re used in certain doses at certain times, so sorry – no DYI.

Here are some supplements I use in my office that I have had great success with. Some are used in a Bio Burden Protocol and some are used in a Purge Parasite Protocol. They’re used in certain doses at certain times, so sorry – no DYI.

Artemisinin Complex – traditionally used for Cancer and Malaria, great for flushing toxins and cleaning the blood.Wormwood Complex – traditionally used for parasites and digestion.

Wormwood Complex – traditionally used for parasites and digestion.

Myrrh Forte – good for parasites that lurk deeper in the in the body than the gut, such as the liver and bladder – also very antimicrobial. Makes a perfect gift for children born on December 25th.

Viranon – traditionally used for viruses – warts, herpes, the common cold, as well as antibacterial.

Andrographis – antiviral and antimicrobial and antimicrobial – who could ask for more?

Garlic – you know garlic – it’s a killer!

Echinacea – taken on a daily, consistent basis, it is THE herbal immune support. Taken with Immuplex, the pesky little colds and flues you keep blaming on your co-worker’s won’t have a chance. See it’s not them – it’s you and your crappy immune system.

Also you always, always, AWAYS need adrenal support.

As for food – quit feeding the little critters their favorite foods: sugar and starchy carbs. Bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites love, love sugar and carbs. It makes them happy in 2 ways –

  1. They like them just like you like them and
  2. In order to process the sugar and carbs in your body, you burn through all your stores of vitamins A, B, C and D, which your immune system needs to function and then they can take over SO much easier.

Even if you aren’t suffering from obvious symptoms, I would recommend doing a Bio Burden and/or Purge Parasite program once a year.

These recommendations are for the reduction of stress only. They are not intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, or as a substitute for regular medical care.