In the past weeks I have mentioned how bad fast food meat is and made reference to eating GRASS fed beef instead of GRAIN fed. So I thought I would clear up why grass fed is better:
“So here’s what we have seen about the advantages of grass fed beef and dairy…..and it sounds pretty good:
  • More antioxidant Vitamin E
  • More antioxidant Beta Carotene
  • More CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid – cancer prevention)
  • Less Fat/Saturated Fat (this is more natural levels for wild meats)
  • Less Omega 6s, More Omega 3s (more natural balance)
  • Less chance of that animal getting sick or producing sick meat!”


In the following link, there are great graphs that show the comparisons of nutrients between the two types of beef:
Just so you know, it is very painful for a cow to eat grain. A cow’s stomach is not designed for that. It’s designed to eat grass. Eating grain leads to extremely painful conditions for the cow, like cow acidosis and feedlot bloat.

Not Hindu? Don’t care about cows you say? Ok. Well, here’s a reason that affects you and your body:
“Feedlot beef as we know it today would be impossible if it weren’t for the routine and continual feeding of antibiotics to these animals. This leads directly and inexorably to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These are the new “superbugs” that are increasingly rendering our “miracle drugs” ineffective.”
So they get antibiotics, you get antibiotics. Not good to have all that in your system, because this can render antibiotics ineffective when you need them most. It’s called antibiotic resistant.
Of course, there is always the e. coli thing:
“But the digestive tract of the modern feedlot cow is closer in acidity to our own, and in this new, manmade environment acid-resistant strains of E. coli have developed that can survive our stomach acids — and go on to killl us. By acidifying a cow’s gut with corn, we have broken down one of our food chain’s barriers to infections.”